Hiring a bar or bat mitzvah photographer? 4 tips to help you decide.

Who should you hire for you bar/bat mitzvah photographer?

So what should you look for when hiring a bar/ bat mitzvah photographer?

After years of planning and preparing, in a blink of an eye, your child’s mitzvah celebration is over.  All that’s left are your memories, some favors, your video and PICTURES.  For this reason one of the most important decisions you can make when planning your child’s mitzvah is who your hire as your photographer.

Anyone can pick up a camera and say they are a photographer and can photograph a bar/ bat mitzvah. You want someone who can capture the family portraits as well as the mitzvah party. For this reason here are some helpful tips:

 Here are 4 tips to hiring the best bar/bat mitzvah photographer.

  1. Choose a style- There are so many different styles out there. Do you remember the phase of the black and white and coloring 1 thing in the picture the original color? So many styles go out of style just as fast as they came into style. A classic style is something that will still be in style, or as close to it, in 30 years from now. This beautiful shot below was taken at Congregation Schaarai Zedek .bar/bat mitzvah photographer tampa
  2. Create a budget- Roughly know how much you would like to spend on a photographer. A professional photographer is going to have professional prices. Beware of someone who has a bargain basement price. These are going to be the only thing you have left after your special day. Make sure it is with a professional you trust and has experience. You can find our pricing here: https://robinreiss.com/details/mitzvahs-info/tampa mitzvah photographer
  3. Personality and experience- A photographer is capturing you! They need to be able put a smile on your face! Make sure the photographer you are meeting with is the one you who will be capturing your day. This is their name on this business, they will keep the highest standards because they do not want their reputation tarnished in anyway. Knowing how to run the day and keep people moving with energy and excitement, while also posing quickly with out looking too posed is an important quality in a wedding and event photographer. Look for a photographer who can keep the mood light even in stressful times. Also, ask to see full galleries. Some photographers have beautiful images on their website from second shooting or stylized shoots, but have never actual shoot a full wedding, or have done very few. So many things can happen during a wedding that having some one with experience who can help is crucial! You can’t expect pro results from an amateur! This gorgeous photo of a mitzvah party was at the venue Armature Works.tampa wedding mitzvah photographer
  4. Professionalism- You are spending a lot of resources on this day, you want to have someone around you and your guests that is a true professional. The cameras, lenses, lighting, back up gear, back up files, all should be professional grade. They will know how to work well with the other vendors. They will know how to work well with your guests, both young and old and in stickier, emotional situations. Also find out how long it will be before you will receive your images and if you have the rights to your images. It is always a great celebration at The Westshore Grand hotel.
  5. tampa bar/bat mitzvah photographer

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