Senior portrait session

What are Senior Portraits?

A senior portrait photo session is very different than your average yearbook session. And yes- you do have a choice in your senior photography session! You do not have to use the photographer who does your year book pictures for all of your senior portraits! You are unique and different you should have a true artist capture the real you for your senior portraits! What is your passion? Let’s get creative and include that in your senior session! Lets have some fun and celebrate this special moment! I want your images to scream out “This is so me!”. Let’s get your session to really come to life!

Where to take your senior portraits?

Click each name to see a gallery of the location.

DOWNTOWN TAMPA– Several of my favorite spots to shoot senior portrait sessions are all with in walking distance of Curtis Hixon park in downtown Tampa, Florida. There is a great mix of graffiti and grunge buildings that seniors love.

YBOR CITY– Other senior portrait ideas are in Ybor City where there are brick streets, interesting architecture, the trolly, and many more unique areas all make Ybor City a great backdrop for photography.

DOWNTOWN SAINT PETE– A very popular spot with urban flair and some natural spots is going to downtown St. Pete. You can even grab a brightly colored Hyppo Popsicle or an ice cream cone with sprinkles to add a splash of color and fun to your session.

SAFETY HARBOR and PHILIPPE PARK -These two spots are close enough together that you can get the old Florida natural vibe of Philippe Park, and an urban feel in the quaint streets of Safety Harbor.

ODESSA FARM– There is something sweet about the Odessa Farm. Bring your family, dog, car, truck or any other prop that you can think of! This is a great location that is all in one place with a lot to offer!

WESTCHASE- Right in the heart of Westchase is West Park Village. It has a great combo of greenery and brick. Great place to do a cap and gown or your favorite college T-shirt session! A few miles away is also Highland Park which is featured at the end of this photo gallery.

DUNEDIN and HONEYMOON ISLAND At last, if you are looking for a more beach vibe for your senior portrait session why not try this cute little town and beach? Lots of options at this cool spot!

tampa senior pictures portraits
tampa senior photographer
tampa wedding mitzvah photographer-4097
tampa wedding mitzvah photographer
tampa senior photographer
tampa senior photographer
tampa wedding mitzvah photographer-81
tampa senior photographer
tampa senior photographer

What to wear wear for your senior portrait session?

It is always fun to bring out your personality in your senior pictures!

Bring as many outfits as you want! I can help you pick what will look best on you or at a certain location. I say to bring at least 3 outfits. You can choose any combo of-  Dressy, Medium dressy, casual, really casual, themed. We want the focus to be on you! Stay away from busy patterns, big logos, white shirts. Try to go with classic clothes that will not go out of style, colors that complement you, clothes with textures and layer clothes. Below are some ideas to get you started in picking out your wardrobe for your senior portrait session.

Dressy- Most of the time new college student will have to turn in a head shot image for something. Either for rush, a club, applying to collages, etc. Hense it is nice to have a professional head shot. It is also a great time to capture that expensive prom dress, or homecoming suit as well! I like to start with the dressiest first since your hair and make are fresh.

Medium dressy- This outfit should be along the lines of what you would wear to brunch at Oxford Exchange, or to a wedding, baby shower, etc. Pant suits, cute skirt outfits, button up shirt for the guys, etc.

Casual– This outfit should be something that you would feel comfortable in an but a little less formal than the medium dressy outfit.

Really Casual– This is wear you can wear your ripped up jeans,  vans, Birkenstocks, flip-flops, etc. Maybe even your bathing suit! And let’s jump in the ocean!

Cap and Gown or Collage shirt- We can get some really fun shots with you jumping for joy that you are finally finished! Show off your new college by sporting a t-shirt or bringing a pennant. What about bringing your kindergarten picture and we will get a picture of you with it now!

Themed– What activities do you love? Some ideas are:

Sports– Bring uniforms, medals, trophies, equipment, balls, etc. Or if you have a favorite professional sports team, wear one of their jersey’s.

Activites: Instruments, books, camera, your car, pointe shoes, favorite food, records.

Fun props: Balloons, balloons that have the year you are graduating, bubbles, bubble gum, glitter, hats, sunglasses, etc.

Loved ones: Your best friend or boy/ girl friend, your family. Or bring that friend to your senior portrait session that will really make you laugh!

Theater: Bring your playbills, props that were in your plays, microphone, your costume, etc.

Animals: Horse, turtle, dog, cat, pet rat? Well… I would stay far away from that one!

Tampa senior portraits
tampa senior photographer
tampa senior photographer
tampa senior photographer

Tips to remember for your senior portrait session…

For girls:

  1. Try to not bring all skirts. It is hard to do some fun posing if you are wearing a skirt.
  2. You can quickly change your look look by: Bring extra lipsticks (hot pink, bright red, can really add to the look of a picture and make you pop!), jackets, sunglasses,  your glasses, bobby pins, or scrunches to quickly throw your hair up. Hats frame your face and tend to be some of my clients favorite images!
  3. Bring a brush, make up for touch ups, have your nails either painted, or no polish at all. As well as, don’t forget jewelry for all outfits.
  4. In brief :), make sure you bring the right under garments for all of your outfits.

For guys and girls:

  1. Iron your clothes and keep your clothes hanging, to avoid being wrinkled. Also, make sure they are free of lint.
  2. Eat before you come. You will have a lot more fun if you aren’t starving! In addition, bring water and maybe a little snack, some shoots can go a long time.
  3. If you wear glasses try to have the lenses removed before your session.  There will be a glare on them, and transitions are really hard to photograph in natural light.
  4. Also, don’t forget different types of shoes for all of your outfits.
  5. Stay away from tanning- Spray tans or in addition, laying out with out enough sunscreen and getting tan lines.
  6. Practice your smiles and expressions in the mirror.
  7. Shave! And yes, this includes you to girls!
  8. Bring a speaker with your favorite music.
  9. Above all, have fun and work it! Consequently, this will really show in your images. After all, you have worked hard it is time to relax and as I have said have a great time!


  1. Of course- don’t forget to have a fresh shave!
  2. If you bring your car… unquestionably, make sure it is washed and looking pretty too!
  3. Lastly, make sure you have a fresh hair cut.
With out a doubt, senior portrait sessions are SO much fun.

Moreover, mom and dad love having something to look back on when they are missing their baby! Besides that, you will get amazing images that capture YOU! Therefore, let’s get this party started! Would you like more information about high school senior portraits? Click here!

Event photographer capturing Oldsmar Cares Gala

Event photographer catptures Oldsmar cares 10th annual wine and food gala.

As the event photographer for the evening, I was able to capture all of the fun from the food, the costumes, and the items that were up for bid for the auction. You’ll feel like “the big cheese” at this year’s Oldsmar Cares Gala as we celebrate our 10th anniversary 1920s style. Oldsmar Cares had their 10th Annual Wine & Food Gala on Thursday, February 20, 2020, from 6 to 9:30 pm at the Nielsen Ballroom (1 Nielsen Way, Oldsmar). This year’s theme was “Puttin’ on the Ritz” and featured plenty of 1920s themed entertainment; flappers, fedoras and pearls on strings. The event also included the Bee’s Knees Live and Silent Auction, 50/50 raffle, door prizes, photo booth, best dressed contest and delectable dishes from ten (10) area restaurants as well as all the beer and wine they could pour!

I was lucky enough to be the event photographer for the evening to snap pictures of all of the fun! Live Music to put us all in the roaring 20’s mood was provided by Get Up to Get Down Elite Entertainment and by The Blend Jazz Duo.

Oldsmar Cares is proud to announce the 2020 Oldsmar Cares Wine & Food Gala raised $149,246 for the local community.

Oldsmar Cares Gala 2020- Robin Reiss Photography-9297
event photography
event dress
event band

Food for the event was donated by 10 different restaurants.

Mother’s restaurant, Amici’s Catered Cuisine, Casa Cosenza, Catch 23, Chantilly Cakes, Cracker Barrel, Cuban Foodies, Desi Tadka, Ed’s Fine Wine, Hot Tuna, Rumba Island Grill, Small Cakes, and Zapata’s.

event food
event food
Oldsmar Cares Gala 2020- Robin Reiss Photography-9178
event food
event food
event food

Best-selling author and public speaking expert Topher Morrison will preside over the Gala this year as the Master of Ceremonies. His extensive speaking schedule, spanning over the past 25 years, has taken him throughout the US, UK, Australia, and Singapore and has earned him a global reputation as a mass-communications influencer. Topher has spoken for top executives with American Express, Microsoft & Google, just to name a few.

Robin Reiss Photography loves to capture corporate events! Be sure to check out our online gallery at






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Hiring a bar or bat mitzvah photographer? 4 tips to help you decide.

Who should you hire for you bar/bat mitzvah photographer?

So what should you look for when hiring a bar/ bat mitzvah photographer?

After years of planning and preparing, in a blink of an eye, your child’s mitzvah celebration is over.  All that’s left are your memories, some favors, your video and PICTURES.  For this reason one of the most important decisions you can make when planning your child’s mitzvah is who your hire as your photographer.

Anyone can pick up a camera and say they are a photographer and can photograph a bar/ bat mitzvah. You want someone who can capture the family portraits as well as the mitzvah party. For this reason here are some helpful tips:

 Here are 4 tips to hiring the best bar/bat mitzvah photographer.

  1. Choose a style- There are so many different styles out there. Do you remember the phase of the black and white and coloring 1 thing in the picture the original color? So many styles go out of style just as fast as they came into style. A classic style is something that will still be in style, or as close to it, in 30 years from now. This beautiful shot below was taken at Congregation Schaarai Zedek .bar/bat mitzvah photographer tampa
  2. Create a budget- Roughly know how much you would like to spend on a photographer. A professional photographer is going to have professional prices. Beware of someone who has a bargain basement price. These are going to be the only thing you have left after your special day. Make sure it is with a professional you trust and has experience. You can find our pricing here: mitzvah photographer
  3. Personality and experience- A photographer is capturing you! They need to be able put a smile on your face! Make sure the photographer you are meeting with is the one you who will be capturing your day. This is their name on this business, they will keep the highest standards because they do not want their reputation tarnished in anyway. Knowing how to run the day and keep people moving with energy and excitement, while also posing quickly with out looking too posed is an important quality in a wedding and event photographer. Look for a photographer who can keep the mood light even in stressful times. Also, ask to see full galleries. Some photographers have beautiful images on their website from second shooting or stylized shoots, but have never actual shoot a full wedding, or have done very few. So many things can happen during a wedding that having some one with experience who can help is crucial! You can’t expect pro results from an amateur! This gorgeous photo of a mitzvah party was at the venue Armature Works.tampa wedding mitzvah photographer
  4. Professionalism- You are spending a lot of resources on this day, you want to have someone around you and your guests that is a true professional. The cameras, lenses, lighting, back up gear, back up files, all should be professional grade. They will know how to work well with the other vendors. They will know how to work well with your guests, both young and old and in stickier, emotional situations. Also find out how long it will be before you will receive your images and if you have the rights to your images. It is always a great celebration at The Westshore Grand hotel.
  5. tampa bar/bat mitzvah photographer

Tampa Bat Mitzvah – Aubrey’s Chic and Classy Bat Mitzvah

How do you have the best bat mitzvah ever? Janet, Aubrey’s mom seems to know exactly what to do! And she hires the best vendors in Tampa of course! After Aubry nailed the service at Schaarai Zedek, they headed off the the party to celebrate!

The lucky bat girl had her mitzvah at one of the hottest venues in town, armature works, set the stage for an unforgettable night!

The Gathering restores the original historic charm of Armature Works, with state-of-the-art lighting and AV upgrades including two 9′ × 16′ LED video walls. With over 10,000 square feet and capacity to seat up to 700 guests, it is the largest multi-functional event space in Armature Works. The Gathering has two adjoining pre-function spaces with an additional 4,800 square feet of indoor space and more than 4,000 square feet of outdoor space ideal for cocktail receptions and ceremonies.

Contact armature works for your next event!

Having several different food stations satisfies every food palette. Although, I did see a lot of adults over on the kids side eating the pretzels and the sweet potato fries! Puff ‘n stuff, as always, did a great job on the catering for this  mitzvah party! The biggest hit was the stir fry station.

Pete with Airbrush events stepped it up with these bucket hats that are the latest and greatest right now. He also has trucker hats, socks, boxer shorts, and more! 

Lynn and Frank knew exactly what decor to use to make the space chic and classy and still having the splash of fun for this celebration! The pink and navy were so striking when you walked into the room.

The stage was set for Aubrey and all of her friends to have the best night of their lives! Click here for more information on how to find the best bat mitzvah photographer!