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What is a Senior Portrait Session?


A senior portrait photo session is very different than your average yearbook session. And yes- you do have a choice in your senior photography session! You do not have to use the photographer who does your years book pictures for all of your senior portraits! You are unique and different you should have a true artist capture the real you! What is your passion? Let’s get creative and include that in your senior session! Lets have some fun and celebrate this special moment! I want your images to scream out “This is so me!”. Let’s get your session to really come to life! 

Where to take your senior portraits?

Click each name to see a gallery of the location.

DOWNTOWN TAMPA– Several of my favorite spots to shoot senior portrait sessions are all with in walking distance of Curtis Hixon park in downtown Tampa, Florida. There is a great mix of graffiti and grunge buildings that seniors love. 

YBOR CITY– Other senior portrait ideas are in Ybor City where there are brick streets, interesting architecture, the trolly, and many more unique areas all make Ybor City a great backdrop for photography.

DOWNTOWN SAINT PETE– A very popular spot with urban flair and some natural spots is going to downtown St. Pete. You can even grab a brightly colored Hyppo Popsicle or an ice cream cone with sprinkles to add a splash of color and fun to your session. 

SAFETY HARBOR and PHILIPPE PARK -These two spots are close enough together that you can get the old Florida natural vibe of Philippe Park, and an urban feel in the quaint streets of Safety Harbor.  

ODESSA FARM– There is something sweet about the Odessa Farm. Bring your family, dog, car, truck or any other prop that you can think of! This is a great location that is all in one place with a lot to offer! 

WESTCHASE- Right in the heart of Westchase is West Park Village. It has a great combo of greenery and brick. Great place to do a cap and gown or your favorite college T-shirt session! A few miles away is also Highland Park which is featured at the end of this photo gallery. 

DUNEDIN and HONEYMOON ISLAND If you are looking for a more beach vibe for your senior portrait session why not try this cute little town and beach? Lots of options at this cool spot! 


What to wear wear for your senior portrait session?

It is always fun to bring out your personality in your senior pictures! 

Bring as many outfits as you want! I can help you pick what will look best on you or at a certain location. I say to bring at least 3 outfits. You can choose any combo of-  Dressy, Medium dressy, casual, really casual, themed. We want the focus to be on you! Stay away from busy patterns, big logos, white shirts. Try to go with classic clothes that will not go out of style, colors that complement you, clothes with textures and layer clothes.

Dressy- Most of the time new college student will have to turn in a head shot image for something. Either for rush, a club, applying to collages, etc. So it is nice to have a professional head shot. It is also a great time to capture that expensive prom dress, or homecoming suit as well! I like to start with the dressiest first so your hair and make are fresh.

Medium dressy- This outfit should be along the lines of what you would wear to brunch at Oxford Exchange, or to a wedding, baby shower, etc. Pant suits, cute skirt outfits, button up shirt for the guys, etc.

Casual– This outfit should be something that you would feel comfortable in an but a little less formal than the medium dressy outfit.

Really Casual– This is wear you can wear your ripped up jeans,  vans, Birkenstocks, flip-flops, etc. Maybe even your bathing suit! And let’s jump in the ocean! 

Cap and Gown or Collage shirt- We can get some really fun shots with you jumping for joy that you are finally finished! Show off your new college by sporting a t-shirt or bringing a pennant. What about bringing your kindergarten picture and we will get a picture of you with it now!

Themed– What activities do you love? Some ideas are:

Sports– Bring uniforms, medals, trophies, equipment, balls, etc. Or if you have a favorite professional sports team, wear one of their jersey’s. 

Activites: Instruments, books, camera, your car, pointe shoes, favorite food, records.

Fun props: Balloons, balloons that have the year you are graduating, bubbles, bubble gum, glitter, hats, sunglasses, etc.  

Loved ones: Your best friend or boy/ girl friend, your family. Or bring that friend that will really make you laugh!

Theater: Bring your playbills, props that were in your plays, microphone, your costume, etc.

Animals: Horse, turtle, dog, cat, pet rat? Well… I would stay far away from that one!

Tips to remember… 

For girls:

  1. Try to not bring all skirts. It is hard to do some fun posing if you are wearing a skirt. 
  2. You can quickly change your look look by: Bring extra lipsticks (hot pink, bright red, can really add to the look of a picture and make you pop!), jackets, sunglasses,  your glasses, bobby pins, or scrunches to quickly throw your hair up. Hats frame your face and tend to be some of my clients favorite images! 
  3. Bring a brush, make up for touch ups, have your nails either painted, or no polish at all. Don’t forget jewelry for all outfits. 
  4. Make sure you bring the right under garments for all of your outfits.

For guys and girls: 

  1. Iron your clothes and keep your clothes hanging, to avoid being wrinkled. Also make sure they are free of lint.
  2. Eat before you come. You will have a lot more fun if you aren’t starving! Bring water and maybe a little snack, some shoots can go a long time. 
  3. If you wear glasses try to have the lenses removed before your session.  There will be a glare on them, and transitions are really hard to photograph in natural light. 
  4. Don’t forget different types of shoes for all of your outfits.
  5. Stay away from tanning- Spray tans or getting tan lines.
  6. Practice your smiles and expressions in the mirror.
  7. Shave! This includes you to girls! 
  8. Bring a speaker with your favorite music.
  9. Have fun and work it! This will really show in your images. You have worked hard it is time to relax and have a great time!


  1. Don’t forget to have a fresh shave!
  2. If you bring your car- make sure it is washed and looking pretty too! 
  3. Make sure you have a fresh hair cut. 

Senior portrait sessions are SO much fun. Mom and dad love having something to look back on when they are missing their baby! And you will get amazing images that capture YOU! Let’s get this party started! Would you like more information about high school senior portraits? Click here