Sandpearl wedding photography- Lindsay and Tim’s Beachside Dream Wedding

Before this Sandpearl wedding  could take place, someone had to propose! Tim knew that if he were to have proposed at a fancy restaurant or on vacation, Lindsay would have seen it coming. Instead he proposed at home, on a Friday night, just before going out with friends. “Just a bottle of good champagne and a ring.” said the bride.

Lindsay had always dreamed of a beach wedding, and when Tim suggested a visit to the Sandpearl in Clearwater, the couple knew they had found the perfect venue.

Before the big day arrived, Lindsay wasn’t sure she wanted to do a “first look,” but Tim talked her into it, and now she’s so glad that they had those few private moments together. “I started to get super nervous … seeing Tim definitely helped calm my nerves.” 

The exchanging of vows was the most important part of the couple’s wedding day, although Lindsay did admit to having stage fright. “We went back and forth, but ultimately decided to write our own vows and not share them with each other until that day, in front of all our friends and family. That’s something we’ll always cherish.”

Handing the reins over to a wedding planner helped the couple truly enjoy their wedding day. “Heather was amazing! She took over everything in the final weeks, and really made it all go smoothly on the day of. I couldn’t have done it without her.”

Lindsay has two pieces of advice for future brides: Enjoy the planning and hire a great photographer. “Before you know it, it’s your wedding day, all your planning and hard work pays off, and then it’s over in an instant. You’ll appreciate the photos and it’ll be all you have left to remember that day, so make it count.”

Photos: Robin Reiss Photography

Venue and Caterer: Sandpearl (Jennifer Guidry)

Wedding Planner: Blue Skies Events and Weddings (Heather Tyler)

DJ: Grant Hemond (Ben Daniele)

Photo Booth: Grant Hemond (Michelle)

Flowers: The Brides Bouquet

Hair and Makeup: Femme Akoi (Grissel Estorga and Christine)

Videographer: Ricci Ocampos

Wedding Cake: Let Them Eat Cake

Entertainment: Caladesi Steel Band (Dave Holmstrand)